Happy Diwali Poems in Hindi,English,Marathi,Tamil


Happy Diwali Poems in Hindi,English,Marathi,Tamil:Hello! Dear friends.The grand festival of the year, Diwali is about to come. And it might be for festival purpose or the holiday's purpose. But we keep on waiting for the day from too early days. And I can completely relate to the situation if you ever did so. So here I have something exclusive and exciting in store.We have happy Diwali poems in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. All the happy Diwali poems are written in the most common languages in India. And these languages are none other than Tamil, Marathi, English and Hindi.Now language is no more barrier. With our Happy Diwali poems in Tamil and Marathi, happy Diwali Wishes you can express your hearty feelings to someone without being restricted by language.

Happy Diwali Poems in Hindi,English,Marathi,Tamil

Happy Diwali Poems
Happy Diwali Poems

Happy Diwali Poems in Hindi

You can download Diwali poems in Tamil and Marathi for free! All you need to do is go through all the post and choose the best Diwali Tamil and Marathi poems. And I am pretty sure that you are going to love these. The never heard before Happy Diwali poems in English, Marathi and Tamil are here for you. You can download these Happy Diwali poems. And share our Happy Diwali poems in English and Hindi with your friends on social media.

Best Diwali Poems in Hindi

साथी, घर-घर आज दिवाली!
फैल गयी दीपों की माला
मंदिर-मंदिर में उजियाला,
किंतु हमारे घर का, देखो, दर काला, दीवारें काली!
साथी, घर-घर आज दिवाली!
हास उमंग हृदय में भर-भर
घूम रहा गृह-गृह पथ-पथ पर,
किंतु हमारे घर के अंदर डरा हुआ सूनापन खाली!
साथी, घर-घर आज दिवाली!
आँख हमारी नभ-मंडल पर,
वही हमारा नीलम का घर,
दीप मालिका मना रही है रात हमारी तारोंवाली!
साथी, घर-घर आज दिवाली!
- हरिवंशराय बच्चन

Diwali Poems in Hindi For Friends

Ek Dua Mangte hain hum apne Bhagwan se,
Chahte hai Aapki Khushi Pure imaan se,
Sab Hasratein Puri Ho Aapki,
Aur Aap Muskarayen Dil-o-Jaan se!!
Happy Diwali that leads you on the road of Success…

Best Diwali Poems in Hindi

Iss diwali pe hamari dua hai ki,
Apka har sapnna pura ho,
Duniya ke unche mukam apke ho,
Shoharat ki bulandiyon par naam apka ho!
Wish U a very Happy Diwali!
Deep jalte jagmagate rahe,
Hum aapko aap hame yaad aate rahe,
Jab tak zindagi hai,
Dua hai hamari,
Aap chand ki tarah zagmagate rahe.
“Happy Diwali”

Happy Diwali Status, Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Messages In Hindi

Safalta kadam chumti rahe,
Khushi aaspas ghumti rahe,
Yash itna faile ki KASTURI sharma jaye,
Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye.

“Happy Diwali”

2016 Diwali Poems in Hindi

पर्व है पुरुषार्थ का, 
दीप के दिव्यार्थ का, 
देहरी पर दीप एक जलता रहे, 
अंधकार से युद्ध यह चलता रहे, 
हारेगी हर बार अंधियारे की घोर-कालिमा, 
जीतेगी जगमग उजियारे की स्वर्ण-लालिमा, 
दीप ही ज्योति का...

Safe Diwali Tips | Safety Measures While Bursting Crackers

Happy Diwali Poems
 Happy Diwali Poems

Happy Diwali Poems in English 

The sweet smell of flowers
The array of colors
Diwali is here
Firecrackers are heard
Candles are lit
Children play
Presents are given
We pray to the gods
Diwali is here.
It’s the season to pay a visit,
To all our friends and relations,
To hand them over sweets and presents,
Diwali is our splendid chance.
Joy, Joy, Joy,
We can play with our cousins
We can eat so many sweets
We can fire crackers
We can worship Goddess Lakshmi because
It is Diwali.Happy Diwali

2016 Diwali Poems in English 

Paying respects to the gods,
And decorating for them the thali,
This is what the occasion is all about,
This is the spirit of Deepavali.

Many Many Happy Returns Of Diwali
Dunes of vapours from crackers rise,
overwhelm as odorous air resound
Effusing joy to all abound
Pearls of glitter in this autumn nights
beautify our lives else trite.

May the beauty
Of deepavali season
Fill your home with
And may the coming year
Provide you with all
That bring you joy!

Happy Diwali Poems in English Free

May the joy, cheer,
Mirth and merriment
Of this divine festival
Surround you forever.
May the happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
And, hope the year
Brings you luck and
Fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy deepawali

 Happy Diwali Poems in English For Whatsapp

I Pray to God to give U
aur SNEH.

Diwali Poems in English 2016

| '--.__.--' | Here is
|-----------| my
Kindly open it....

) & )
( Prosperous )
( New Year )

Happy Diwali Poems
Happy Diwali Poems

Happy Diwali Poems in Marathi 

Happy Diwali Poems
Happy Diwali Poems

Happy Diwali Poems in Tamil 

Amazing Diwali Wishes, Deepavali Wishes

Happy Diwali Poems in Marathi 

Happy Diwali Poems in Tamil

2016 Diwali Poems in Tamil

Happy Diwali Poems in Tamil 2016 Free

Happy Diwali Poems in Tamil

Happy Diwali Poems For Whatsapp

2016 Diwali Poems Free For Download

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